SPA complexes differ in their purpose: from small private home ones to large commercial SPAs in water parks and hotels. SPA, as a phenomenon, has a stable stereotype of something grand, as it has been widely presented during the construction of big water parks. Many people come across this stereotype, having no idea about the difference between the spa and the water park. In fact, depending on the preference of the owner, this is just a combination of different saunas, pools, baths, and Jacuzzis in one complex. Everyone, who has at least one sauna and a pool, or two different saunas, can be considered as the owner of a private SPA. There are no strict rules on how to combine your favorite bathing facilities in the SPA; everything's up to the customer's preference.

When choosing between building a regular sauna or a SPA, you must always consider dimensions, available area, and technical requirements of the existing space. Our experience shows that customers, interested in SPA construction, can be split into two categories. The first category foresees the necessity of having a SPA complex upon construction, and the second category renovates the existing space accordingly. SPA complexes can also be located on the lower floors of apartment buildings. The most frequent customers are, of course, the owners of private houses. However, it is quite rare to have a territory capable of accommodating a big pool, that’s why our team is usually used to solve problems of allocating SPA complexes on the areas supposed to accommodate traditional saunas.

3D projects

Saunamaailm offers 3D projects for several rooms: sauna, steam sauna, ir sauna, spa, other rooms.

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