There are different SPA complexes from small cozy private ones to large commercial spas in water parks and hotels. Spa complex is a combination, so if you already have a sauna with a swimming pool, then you can rightly be considered as the owner of a spa. However, those who have at least two kinds of saunas (traditional, steam or infrared) in their complex, can also say that they have a spa. Due to the fact that the spa is a phenomenon that was revived only in recent decades and was used in wide-scale projects, a stable stereotype of something grandiose and ambitious was fixed at the spa. Many people come across this stereotype, having no idea about the difference between the spa and the water park. Even when being invited to spend time in a spa in a private house, many people are expecting to visit a small water park. In fact, SPA is a combination of steam rooms, pools of different sizes or baths in one complex, depending on the preference of the owner. As can be seen from our illustrations, many saunas can hardly be distinguished from the spa, if there is no evidence of a pool or a second steam room. There are no strict rules in the combination of saunas with a swimming pool. Everything is up to the customer's preference.


The only thing that influences the choice of building a spa or a simple sauna are dimensions and technical conditions of a room. Our experience shows that customers, interested in SPA, can be divided into two simple categories. The first category of customers puts the presence of a spa into their house project from the beginning, the second group rebuilds the inexpediently used premises or builds a new one for the sauna complex. Spa complexes are also located in the lower floors of apartment buildings. The most frequent customers are, of course, the owners of private houses. However, plots that can afford a large swimming pool are a rarity. Most often our team solves the problem of the design and location of the spa complex in relatively the same space as needed for the traditional sauna.