SPA Construction

SPA Construction.

SPA is a complex that includes various procedures!

In reality, however, it is a set of steam rooms, different pools or baths, which the owner has put together according to his wishes and possibilities.

As you can see from our illustrations, if you don't see a pool and another steam room, many saunas are no different from spas, There are no established standards for the sauna(s) and pool to be together. All combinations are decided by the customer. The only thing that affects the choice, whether to build a spa or a normal sauna, is the size of the room and the technical conditions that have already been established during the construction of the house.

3D Projects.

Saunamaailm offers 3D projects for different rooms: saunas, steam saunas, infrared saunas, SPAs, sauna vestibules. To order a sauna project, please fill out the following form.

Spa 3D design allows you to see all the details during the design stage exactly as they will look in the final stage. When developing a 3D project, designers can experiment and offer the client a spectrum of all possibilities, colors and materials. If you coordinate a design project with, for example, your family members, only the visualization you can see on the computer can very faithfully give an idea of what has already been thought out and help to avoid disappointment at the final stage of the work. The first stage of planning takes place in the usual way - on a plane. Based on the dimensions of the room and the customer's wishes, our team sets up all the necessary components on the plan. When designing, all specific features and conditions are taken into account: electrical wiring, ventilation, access to household rooms, the needs of access to adjacent rooms, the view from the window and many other details that may seem unimportant at first glance. When developing a 3D project, coordination with the customer is convenient. A picture is better than a thousand words - there is no better way to characterize our work. The ability to examine the final result of the project from all angles from your computer speeds up the coordination process considerably. The final result of the design project remains with the customer even if only the project is ordered from us. Whoever starts building then, it is good to know what the finished rooms must look like when the work is finished.


The use of modern technology, even in such a seemingly simple area as a sauna, still requires its maintenance. Any sauna or spa that has technology, mechanical or electronic, is dangerous to some degree. Sudden temperature changes, high air humidity, evaporation of oils - all this forces equipment manufacturers to use more durable materials, but also to make products more complex. Every technical device of the sauna is designed to create the very atmosphere of comfort for which we value spas. Any machine or device will work better and last longer if we constantly take care of it. So many pipes or wires run inside the wall or under the floor and cannot be repaired unless the wall or floor has to be torn up. However, it is better to avoid damage to avoid repair. Systems that regulate filtration or dosing must be set up and maintained, because your health depends on their maintenance, no more and no less. However, this does not mean that all systems and devices must be monitored all the time. Adequate maintenance means systematic inspection, replacement-adding of wearable parts or substances, and most importantly - customer comfort. During the period of warranty obligations, the scheduled inspection is in accordance with the manufacturer. However, even after the end of the warranty period, customers who appreciate convenience continue to sign a maintenance contract with us, because it is really convenient and they do not have to familiarize themselves with the details. Changing reagents and filters, adjusting dosimeters, checking sensors and systems, all these works up to cleaning and disinfection are done by our specialists at a time convenient for you.