Sauna usage

Sauna is a lifestyle

Nowadays healthy lifestyle becomes more and more popular. What does the term healthy lifestyle mean? It is not only sport, good eating habits, sleep, fresh air and refusal of alcohol and tobacco. Hygiene and conditioning yourself to the cold are also very important and from this point of view, the sauna is considered to be the one of the most effective ways of body healing.



Nowadays, there are different types of saunas. The most popular are Finnish sauna, steam bath (Turkish hammam), Russian sauna, infrared sauna and sanarium.


The Finnish sauna




Temperature: 85-120⁰С
Moisture: 5-15%
Session amount: 6-7
Session duration: 10-15 min


A genuine Finnish sauna brings to mind the Russian sauna. Steam is also obtained by throwing water on stones. Similarly to the Russian sauna it is possible to use whisks there. The main difference from other types of saunas is an intense heat. In modern Finnish saunas air temperature can rise up to 120 °С.

What for?

The Finnish sauna improves blood supply to the skin and gives a positive cosmetic effect. It is beneficial for health thanks to optimum moisture and temperature ratio.


Take a shower before the first session, but do not use soap, then dry yourself. Hair does not need to get wet. If you are a beginner your first session should not exceed 4 minutes, an experienced sauna visitor can stay in the sauna room for 7-8 minutes. After the session, rest at least for 15 minutes. Next sessions may be longer, but 15 minutes is maximum. Between sessions take a cold shower and drink mineral water, natural kvass or juice. Total duration of bathing should not exceed three hours.


Hammam or steam bath



Temperature: 43-46⁰С
Moisture: ~ 100%
Session amount: 2-4
Session duration: 10-20 min


Steam bath is a steam room that is tiled with ceramic, mosaic or natural stone. Nowadays it is one of the most popular SPA-procedures. The optimum temperature of the steam bath is 43-46⁰C. It is ideal for children and people who cannot tolerate high heat. The steam bath temperature is considered to be the most enjoyable and it has the most salubrious effect.

What for?

Thanks to the steam bath the organism reacts less to the changes of weather and is less susceptible to pathogens. Skin blood supply intensifies. Pore-clogging sebum and sweat soften and disappear, so the skin can breathe better. Purified body becomes firmer, the body's vital functions are empowered. Steam bath relaxes you and helps to restore and maintain the effort on health and beauty.


You can visit a steam bath for up to 30 minutes. Before that you should refuse of eating and drinking alcohol.


Infrared cabin



Temperature: 40-50⁰С
Moisture: 0%
Session amount: 1
Session duration: 20-40 min


The infrared sauna heats the body by infrared waves. Such radiation perceives as pleasant soft warmth that heats the body, not air. Infrared waves can penetrate up to 4 cm deep into the body, which is much more intense compared to the warming of the body in a normal Finnish sauna (up to 5 mm). Infrared sauna helps to save both time and energy. Compared with a conventional sauna it is heated up quickly - 15-20 minutes (normal sauna is heated for 1-2 hours, depending on the type of oven).

What for?

Infrared waves penetrate deep into the body, warming all organs, muscles, bones and joints, significantly speeding up the blood and lymph circulation. It improves immunity and helps prevent colds in the cold and damp time. Infrared saunas have the most profound effect on the body's cleansing. Such a bath warms the muscles and subcutaneous tissue, and burns 1600 calories with an hour and a half!


It is recommended to go to the infrared sauna in the evening after an active workout. It is good to drink some water while taking the infrared sauna. Before session it is recommended to eat a light snack and drink vegetable or citrus juice. Take a shower before the procedure. 


The Rusian sauna


image001 (1).jpg

Temperature: 50-60⁰С
Moisture: 40-70%
Session amount: 5-7
Session duration: 10-20 min


There is a large stove with great stone capacity inside the Russian sauna. This stove provides mild steam, which is invisible to the eye and is obtained from the stones heated above +350 degrees.

What for?

There is a Russian proverb: the sauna is another mother – whisking until bones soften and the body improves. (Proverb says: “a sauna is the poor man's doctor”). The heat of the sauna enhances and cleanses the entire body pores, removes dirt and dead skin cells. After repeated visits sauna improves physiological properties of the skin, normalizes fat metabolism, improves blood supply. Thanks to abundant perspiration activated by oxidation there is a better absorption of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and trace elements, which contributes greatly to weight loss.


Before going to the sauna, you should not eat a full stomach.  Just a quick meal half-hour before going to sauna. Refuse from alcohol on the day when going to sauna. Take a shower before going to the sauna. Water needs to be fairly hot (36- 38 ° C) to heat the body and to prepare it to more extreme temperatures. The first session is for warming up the body and becoming accustomed to the heat. At this stage, you should not use whisks. Another sauna session is longer, lasting 10-15 minutes. During this time, your body sweats properly and you can feel the benefits of whisking. After leaving the steam room, passionate friends take a cold shower, jump into cold water or rub themselves with snow. For beginners the water temperature of 25-30 degrees is enough.





Temperature: 50-60⁰С
Moisture: 45-50%
Session amount: 1-2
Session duration: 20-25 min


Sanarium is the mildest and most sustainable type of sauna. Sanarium is well suited for those who love taking sauna, but cannot go to the Finnish and Russian saunas due to a high temperature and humidity. The temperature of sanarium is between 45 and 60 degrees, the humidity represents 20-55%; this is a very gentle action on the circulatory apparatus. Thanks to such mild conditions, people can stay there for 30 minutes or more at the same time.

What for?

Sanarium provides slow and deep warming of muscles and internal organs. Its soft steam ensures a comfortable stay even in high blood pressure, or sudden changes in blood pressure and heart disease for sufferers (doctor's permission, of course). Sanarium excellently relaxes, normalizes blood circulation and sleep, improves nervous system functions and metabolism.


Take a shower and dry yourself with a towel rubbing vigorously before going to sanarium. Before entering the sauna room, you should decide what lighting and music you want and choose the aroma oil for a pleasing steam. After leaving a sauna, you should have a rest for a half an hour. During the resting period it is recommended to drink plenty of fluids ( tea, brew, juice, compote, mineral water, kvass ) to restore the fluid balance of the body.


Wish you a pleasant steam!