Work hours: 24h


  first 7 hours since the 8th hour 24 hours
Finnish house 45.00 €/ 1 h 10.00 €/ 1 h 485.00 €
Hunter house (banquet room) 55.00 €/ 1 h 10.00 €/ 1 h 555.00 €
Hunter house (banquet + grill hall) 70.00 €/ 1 h 10.00 €/ 1 h 660.00 €
SPA house 50.00 €/ 1 h 10.00 €/ 1 h 520.00 €
Russian house 70.00 €/ 1 h 10.00 €/ 1 h 660.00 €

For more information regarding booking etc. you can apply by phone: 5500075 or E-mail:

Additional offers:

Birch whisk 2.00€ Frozen birch whisk 6.00€ Coals for grilling 4.00€
Oak whisk 3.00€ Towel rent 2.00€ Liquid for grilling 1L 3.00€
Eucalyptus whisk 4.00€ Sauna aroma 7.00€ Woods for fireplace 5.00€


Hall max. 40 persons max. 40 persons max. 16-20 persons max. 16-20 persons
Sauna Russian stove Russian stove Finnish stove infrared sauna,  steam sauna, sauna with wood-burning stove
Sleeping places 14 16 4 4
Kitchen micro, coffee machine, refrigerator micro, coffee machine, refrigerator micro, coffee machine, refrigerator micro, coffee machine, refrigerator
Fireplace yes yes yes yes
Bath tub yes yes yes yes
Cold water sprinkler yes yes yes no
Music CD/radio CD/radio CD/radio CD/radio
TV yes yes yes yes
Outdoor grill yes yes yes yes
Free beer* yes no no no

* Get FREE A. le Coq PREMIUM beer (30l) in tubs since the 7th hour of renting of Russian cottage if there is no any seasonal discount as such.

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Terms of reservation:

  • For more information get contact by phone: +372 550 0075 (24h) or via E-mail:
  • You can book the sauna house by phone and by e-mail, also you have to pay for booking 50% from the price.
  • You can pay a reservation in SAUNAMAAILM store by transaction or by a credit card, or both by cash or a credit card right on the place. 
  • While making transaction via bank, it is necessary to put an order number as well.
  • The firms and enterprises should make transaction beforehand or show a letter of commitment.  
  • If the sum for reservation has not been paid within 3 working days, the reservation will be cancelled automatically. It is necessary to inform us about cancellation of reserved place at least within 14 days; otherwise your prepayment will not be refunded.  
  • In special cases the client has to put a deposit, which will be refunded to him after the rented cottage/house has been left back in a good condition including the furniture and the whole inventory as well. 
  • The person responsible for the reservation has to be at least 21 years old. 
  • The large number of people is allowed only with a prior agreement with administrator.