Russian sauna house

Strong health for body, joy for the soul.







Country style and the cosy atmosphere of the Russian House will help you to relax from the city rush, have fun with health benefits. The main advantage in the Russian sauna is the Russian stove, which is heated by wood. An oven weights more than 8 tons provides a pleasant atmosphere in the steam room.

A rare KELO tree from the age of 700–1000 years was used in the construction of the steam room.


SAUNUM is unique sauna climate control system is integrated in this sauna room.

Using SAUNUM you will get a completely new feeling:

- steam does not burn your head,

- your body is heated evenly,

- the bath session is increasing

- feel the relief

- breathing therapy with Himalayan salt


Additionally you can enjoy

- Big BBQ grill

- Ice water sprinkler

- Fancy fireplace





  • Cottage area: 164 m2. for 16-40 persons.
  • Sauna room: max. 10 persons. Air temperature 60-80 C. degrees. Humidity 60-80%.
  • Heater:Woodburning russian heater, 8 tonnes.
  • Vat: 5 tonn water.
  • Hall: 1
  • Hall equipment: 2 LCD TV, Music center
  • Beds:for 19 guests
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Kitchen: freezer,microwave owen, Coffee machine, Plastic dishes
  • Open terrace, Grill-mangal
  • Recommended for: peaceful family rest, friends gatherings.
  • Sports ground for children between 3 – 14 years.  
  • Walking path in the forest. 
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Outdoor football.