Sauna village





You will be highly impressed by our sauna village

Have you ever been to a land of plenty, where both tired body and fatigued state of mind can recover its poise and feel harmony with nature again? Our guests exclaim, “Magnificent, it’s impossible to express in words, you have to feel it yourself!” Everyone, who has ever been at our sauna village, dreams to come back to this remote beautiful place again because only here, in the open air surrounded by woods, you can feel completely relaxed, young, fresh and healthy.


Regardless of weather conditions and season, the sauna village looks comfortable and attractive the whole year round. Do not be frustrated by nasty weather – enjoy an unforgettable atmosphere filled with a spontaneous conversation and a total pacification by slowly sipping a fresh root beer sitting at the table. Let your body relax and feel free to be appeased. We have many visitors from Estonia and other countries coming to our sauna village to repeat these pleasant moments.


The founders of the sauna village have carefully and knowledgeably learned sauna traditions of Russia, Nordic Countries, Turkey, etc. to bring them here and introduce to our guests. The sauna village is located in a picturesque forest, aside from highways, 8 kilometers away from Lake Harku towards the town of Keila. Allow yourself to breathe of fresh air in the womb of nature to exonerate a mind from everyday bustle.


No matter what would be your choice: Russian sauna with heavy steam and odorous whisk, or dry Finnish sauna with essential oil aromas, or the combination of sauna and SPA procedures, the unforgettable weekend with your family, friends or colleagues, romantic night for a couple, or business meeting in a relaxed atmosphere - the sauna village is always the right choice!





The sauna delights and hospitable service are not the only attractions that the village has to offer. There are some truly special objects worth seeing and even taking a picture of them. You will hardly forget the unique wood-burning stove crafted by the old believer from Lake Peipus Joachim Kulakov, the wood stove artisan and designer, who combines his talent with a deep knowledge of ancient traditions.


This one of a kind wood-burning stove represents the magnificent piece of art with the stone capacity of more than 4000 kg. As in ancient times, only birch wood is used to heat this stove. Let’s stroll down a village street and look around. The village is quite small, so it is impossible to lose the way here; nevertheless, the guesthouses are located quite far from each other in order not to intrude anyone’s leisure. If you are kebab-lover, do not lose a chance to use stone braziers for grilling and enjoy a delicate scent of kebab or barbeque in the open air during the warm summer evening.


Between sauna sessions, feel free to use large tubs filled with cold water. Each house has a huge timber bathtub at the backyard filled up with the artesian water that flows into the tub through the special filters. There are children playground and recreational walking paths located on the territory of the village. In a word, the sauna village is equipped with all amenities that will make you feel comfortable. You can choose between four different houses such as hunting lodge, Russian house, Finnish house, and SPA house. Every house represents its own cheerful and unique atmosphere. Select any house at your discretion and start enjoying life. The healing effect of heat and steam is well known for a long time.


Sauna lovers experience the enhanced blood flow, muscle tone, calmed nerve system, toughening up the body, and overall immune system increase. The sauna village is waiting for you at any time of the year. Don’t miss a chance to book your favorite house and get ready for the best sauna adventure of your life!