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Sauna Gallery

Are you planning to build a sauna in a cottage, house or apartment? If you need advice, great ideas or construction help, you've come to the right place. We will help you build the sauna of your dreams! - We have long-term experience in sauna construction - we have been operating in the Estonian market since 1998. - We build saunas and spas all over the world - in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia, France, etc. - We offer complete solutions - services from sauna project consultation and design solutions to equipment installation.

Steam Room Gallery

Unlike the design of a Russian and Finnish sauna, the design of a steam sauna assumes beauty, coziness and impeccability. A modern steam sauna often has a very simple design, which cannot be confused with other types of sauna! When building a steam sauna, the craftsmen must first check that all sauna constructions and accessories are coordinated with each other. In any case, the construction of a traditional steam room begins with a properly thought-out style, where aesthetics also play a certain role.

Gallery of SPA Complexes

SPA complexes are different, from small cozy private spas to giant spas in large hotels and water parks. SPA is a complex, it is the possibility of several different water procedures, that is, if you have a sauna and a swimming pool, you can already consider yourself a spa owner.