Update your sauna

The three-step renovation package from Saunamaailm:

  • 1Assessment of the state of the sauna
  • 2Budgeting and renovation plan
  • 3Implementation of works on renovation

Each customer, who orders a complete package, receives stones for the stove for FREE! All works on the renovation will have the five-year warranty. It will be valid if the sauna maintenance is held timely.

When ordering a renovation plan be sure to ask about new solutions:

  • - LED lighting solutions
  • - Musical Systems
  • - Aromatherapy
  • - Juniper panels and salt bricks
  • - And a lot of other interesting things

Considering the extreme conditions (high temperature jumps, humidity), sauna requires regular maintenance. It makes sense to seek advice from professionals in order to get a sauna that will serve you faithfully and bring pleasant emotions for many years. Concerning saunas we are exactly what you need!

* Strongly outdated or faulty sauna may be the cause of many ailments. For example, in case of faulty operation of ventilation systems the risk of heat stroke increases. A moist air, that is not evenly accumulated in the steam room, may cause increased wear of wood in certain places of sauna. Stones are losing their properties with time, from which markedly decreases the quality of bath procedures.  

Sample project



  1. Lack of ventilation
  2. The risk of fire
  3. Uncomfortable sitting
  4. Mold
  5. Unpleasant smell





Sauna renovation

Breathe a new life into your sauna

The sauna is always built taking into account the fact that it must serve for many years. Although private houses and apartments are refreshed approximately every five years, the steam room can remain untouched for even decades. In the best-case scenario, the replacement of stones and maintenance of benches is held. The maintenance is mostly limited to replacement of shower curtains, floor grates and water mixers.

“Modern saunas” and sauna builders follow different trends of interior design, which previously had been used only in a residential area. Built-in water-proof stereo systems with MP3 and radio, LED lighting, which offers a luxurious range of designs, decorative wall elements, aromatherapy and backlit bowls are great opportunity to make a sauna fashionable and individual. The feedback received from our customers proves that thanks to the sauna renovation, bathing procedures become longer and more pleasant. Curative and restorative properties of lighting, aromatherapy and music can now be used intelligently and will work for the good of your health.

Even in case an experienced builder deals with sauna construction, the main focus of whom is not saunas, it is likely that he will not take the risk to use complex design solutions. In this case, you just need to contact us. By adding just a few interesting design elements you can achieve impressive results in a short time and with a small budget. Of course, you need to check and assess the state of building frameworks before using new solutions. During the renovation we replace or restore spoiled bench wood, install guards for stoves/heaters and arrange the ventilation and electrical system. We also provide quality control services and maintenance (or replacement) of steam generators, electric heaters and wood-burning stoves.