Building a Sauna

Sauna and Mini Spa construction begins.

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Sauna Planning

A high-quality sauna starts with your idea.

Technical Characteristics

The specialists of our project department offer complete sauna expertise and offer you the best technical and design solutions for your future sauna room.


In the case of modular saunas, the installation lasts longer than 3 days! Approximately 5-14 days for a complete sauna!

Sauna and Mini Spa construction begins.

Sauna construction quote: FREE


Our highly experienced specialists will offer you the best possible technical and design solution for your future sauna, and will send you a sauna project plan within a short period of time.

Construction time.

The sauna construction time is approximately 5-14 days, depending on the volume of work and the agreement.


We offer a 5-year warranty on the saunas we built!


Building a proper and well-functioning sauna with the help of specialists is a reasonable investment. If all the work, effort and time are factored into the money, a self-built sauna may not be cheaper. Gathering information and advice, drawing the project, searching for materials, construction and later possible corrections of errors can turn out to be more expensive than the work of professionals. We are so confident in our skills, materials and techniques that we give a 5-year warranty to every sauna we build.

Private Warranty

To the building. For equipment permanently installed in the building (heaters, flues, steam generators, etc.). For electrical devices (except light sources)


used and maintained the building and equipment purposefully and prudently used and maintained all installed equipment in accordance with the requirements (user manuals, manufacturers' requirements) you have entered into a maintenance agreement with us for the warranty period you have fulfilled the maintenance obligation described in the agreement to the extent of the selected package You still have the warranty documents You have no debts to us.


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