Sauna building




Would you like to build a posh sauna in your own apartment or maybe in the weekend cottage, and also obtain and properly install the equipment?



Company’s main strategies & achievements:



  • 1. Obtaining of a great experience: the company has been successful on the Estonian market since 1998;
  • 2. Building of saunas and SPAs around EU-countries such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Croatia, France etc.;
  • 3. Offer of the whole package of construction services including layout design, consulting and installation of equipment as well;
  • 4. A wide choice of production: a large quantity of heating equipment, construction materials, sauna doors and different kinds of extra accessories (wholesale and retail);
  • 5. Close cooperation with some leading Finnish and Swedish companies such as HARVIA, TYLÖ and CARIITTI etc.;        
  • 6. Operational efficiency: the whole production is located on the warehouse in Tallinn, and the delivery time of orders is quiet short. Depending on the product’s size and weigh the some orders are being delivered by post as well;
  • 7. Guarantee: the whole compliance with requirements and standards.


Our scope of activity covers everything regarding sauna, health and welfare.


Our main goal is to bring a warm and pleasant atmosphere to every house!